The Attic

On a recent trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin, I felt the need to roam and go in search of a coffee shop where I could sit for a few hours to work in peace and experience a bit of local flavors. I didn’t have to walk far to find The Attic.


Comfortable and homey, this coffee shop by Whitney Park loves to be quirky. They offer whimsical coffee and tea beverages.


The toasted marshmallow latte I had in the morning was delicious.


They offer a small menu of foodstuff and snacks with some vegan options as well as in-house baked goodies, some of which are gluten-free. Later that day, I tried the curried lentil soup for lunch, which came served with goldfish crackers and held me over until dinner.

You can also buy ground coffee and every possible variety of tea and cup, mug, strainer, or kettle.

They have works by local artists on the walls and there is a window bar where you can find every leaflet and brochure of things going on downtown such as summer festivals, music concerts, tours, and cultural events.


I particularly liked the giant game tables of checkers and chess that lord over different areas of the cafe separated by comfy chairs or book stacks offering all kinds of fiction and non-fiction books.


Thank goodness for third places everywhere.

730 Bodart St.
Green Bay, WI 54301

M – F: 7am – 8pm
Sat: 7am – 6pm
Sun: 8am – 6pm


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