Printer’s Row Coffee Co.


Despite its name, this café is in Lincoln Park.

The owners are a couple from Ohio who have been roasting small batches of coffee since 2010, perfected their technique, and moved to Chicago. They loved their hobby so much that they turned it into a business and opened a micro-roastery and coffee shop. Continue reading

Delicious Café

I scheduled my writer’s meetup at this cafĂ©, sight unseen, for the single reason that they had gluten-free goodies and vegan options for some of my regulars. None of us had ever set foot here, but as we filed out the door three hours later we agreed we all loved it.

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Emerald City Coffee House

If you saw a piano, a fireplace, couches, some books, tables with reading lamps, and maybe a few board games, you might be in someone’s living room. But if that living room had black walls, local art, a skull, and amazing coffee beverages that rumble across your table every time the red line train passes by, you’d be at Emerald City Coffee House.

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