Maison Marcel

When in Lakeview, you are spoiled for choice of cafés where you can plunk down and set up camp with your book or laptop for the day, but a newcomer to the neighborhood, however, just made its space cozier than the rest with their unique French farmhouse feel. 

The seating options are varied. You can sit at a large communal table, or at any of the smaller tables, on sofas or arm chairs, in reading nooks by the fireplace, or on coffee bean burlap bags in the patio.


It offers a very appetizing breakfast and lunch menu. If you’re here just to hang out, though, check out their enormous pastries and original coffee beverages (turmeric latte, anyone?) or their smoothies and juice bar.


I could see a fairly active moms-and-kids crowd around school hours, but on a school-night’s evening you will have the entire place practically to yourself.


The music is pleasant and not too obtrusive, and the volume is at that perfect level where you can have a conversation without raising your voice. It’s just a tad loud to concentrate if you need silence, so if you prefer to work somewhere quiet, you’re better off with noise-cancellation headphones.


Tip: there are some outlets at the juice bar and behind the communal table.

3114 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 661-6942

M-Sun 7 am – 7 pm

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