Caffe Streets

The 2017 season of coffee house exploration is underway, which means I take my writing group all over Chicago looking for new independent cafes to discover quirky specialty beverages and featured roasts while we also attempt to do some writing. 


Today I tried Caffe Streets in Wicker Park/West Town because I found it featured in Eater’s Chicago 24 Essential Coffee Shops article (2017 edition). It serves coffee ground on demand and special brews as well as tea and pastries.


When I asked what their house lattes were, they suggested three different and quite new flavors to me: turmeric, beet, or rosemary. I chose rosemary and can tell you it’s sweet and smooth and delicious.

Another table order the beet latte, which was a lovely shade of pink. My friend ordered jasmine tea and I could smell it from a table away, so that’s a generous serving of leaves, no tepid water here. Another friend ordered the drip coffee and I asked for a house coffee before leaving, both of which were delicious brews of beans with delicate hints of hidden flavors. And Yelp users recommend the monkey latte.


They have a large outside area with lots of tables under a few trees, which makes it delightful on a hot day.

Inside they have a variety of tables of different heights, so you can experiment which is better for your typing. Their street lamp decor is cute and the wooden interior makes it feel cozy.

Outlets are a bit sparse, so make sure your laptop is fully charged or to score a seat next to one before you settle in for a day of work.

1750 W Division St.
Chicago, IL 60622

(773) 278-2739

M-Sun 7 am – 7 pm


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