Welcome friends.

Do you like coffee? I do. I like tea too. But that’s not the reason behind my starting CoffeeHouses.org.

I love third places. What’s a third place you ask? There are many definitions of a third place but the one I like best is this; A third place is a place that’s not home (first place), or work (second place), but somewhere else that you can go to hang out and socialize. That’s about the simplest way to put it and the most common third places in America are coffee houses and the occasional book store. A great book that talks a lot about third places is The Great Good Place: Cafes, Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Bars, Hair Salons, and Other Hangouts at the Heart of a Community by Ray Oldenburg.

This site is to offer a directory and review of coffee houses, a.k.a. third places. The directory is quite simply a review of places that I’ve visited. I try to share information about the coffee-house, its amenities, my experience there and things like; do they roast their own beans, do they sell art by local artists, do they sell free trade coffee, do they blend their own teas, or do they have free wifi.

While I’d love to spend a couple of years just going around the world to every coffee-house I can, it’s logistically difficult to say the least. In addition to my own reviews, I hope to enlist the help of some good friends and future friends to help me provide more content by writing reviews of their own.

I’m just getting started out here and hope you enjoy your visit.

If you’d like to contribute to this site, give me feedback, or just like to say ‘hello’, contact me using the form below.

Thank you and enjoy your visit.

January 2014

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