Two Hearted Queen

I cannot claim I discovered this adorable little cafe. One of my friends suggested it because it had the enviable advantage of being located smack between the red and the brown lines and I loved it at first sight.


It’s always adorable when a coffee shop feels like someone’s living room, with mismatched chairs, a variety of tables and plush chairs and sofas in distinct seating areas, and weird art on the walls.


Even better when the owner is behind the bar and explains to you that if you draw a Queen of Hearts from her deck of cards you’ll get a discount, and when you invariably don’t get it, she’ll heartily offer you a punch card so you can start accumulating purchases towards a free drink.


The tables have adequate typing height, the ambiance is great, and their wi-fi is strong, as is their air conditioning. Happily, they do have a few tables outside, for those of us who need to defrost. The music can get a bit obtrusive after a while, but the sweet spot is the area in between the large room and the baristas, where you can easily disconnect the speaker and work in peace for hours.


Their pastries are so good they fly off the shelves before noon, but that’s when they bring out the freshly-baked cookies, so the shelves won’t look empty.


Try their coffee specialties as they do tasty concoctions with chocolate and pepper, but the best thing about this cafe, aside from all its awesomeness, is its mission. This coffee house is intended to fund land ownership in coffee country to begin work on a community system of people who can farm the land while sustaining their families.

1201 W Roscoe St
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 360-8189

M-Sun 6 am – 9 pm


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