Eva’s Cafe

Eva’s Cafe feels less like a coffee shop and more like home.

Not yours, mind you, more like your grandmother’s or the common area at a guesthouse somewhere in Latin America.


I think maybe the brick floors make me feel that way. Or perhaps the odd variety of place-mats and table-cloths in each table. It could be the well-worn floor rugs, assorted chairs, peculiar choice of wall art, and the almost thrift-store-like selection of odd cups and mugs that look like stranded favorites left behind by various forgetful owners.


As you walk through the door you find the living room, complete with a fireplace, coffee tables, sofas, and other islands of seating areas. There are high tables with stools, a long table with books and lamps, and, along the hallway, side tables with crocheted doilies flanked by plush chairs.


Past the hallway you find the barista station with freshly baked goodies such as zucchini bread or banana muffins alongside their respectable collection of loose leaf teas. They also have a variety of coffee beverages they can make for you, or smoothies, plus a food menu with some salad and sandwich options.


In this area you feel as though you’re in the dining room. There are two large tables with hanging light fixtures and a place mat at each seat, as if they’ve been waiting for you to arrive and sit down so they can start serving dinner.


These dining room tables can accommodate a group of about 8 to 10 people each, so they’re popular with Meetups as they can reserve one of them in advance.

A galley door leads to the kitchen where the barista will disappear into and come out of if you’ve ordered food, making the homey feeling complete.

It’s a great place to come for a bite to eat, meet with a friend or a large group, or come by yourself and get some work done with their free Wi-Fi. Their coffee is Intelligentsia.

Mon-Fri: 7am-8pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-8pm

1447 N Sedgwick St
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 280-8900


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