Dollop – Loop location

Dollop is a bit of an institution in Chicago, if independent coffee shops can be institutions. It’s 11 years old and it has eight shops all over town, but my writing group has a special relationship with it because the first meetups used to be held at Dollop Buena Park some years ago.  


Today we’ve grown into several different groups in separate neighborhoods, each with its own particular home base, but Dollop will forever be our original darling. So today, I will show you the Loop location.


They have several individual tables, bars along the windows, a couple of couches, and a large, central table. Wi-fi is free, the music is unobtrusive, and there is lots of natural light coming in through the vast wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows.

You might have a bit of trouble finding it at first. It’s hidden under scaffolding, beneath the L tracks, and behind the Harold Washington Library. But once you step in, the Loop’s Dollop reveals a large, open space, and welcomes you serving coffee and tea alongside sandwiches, pastries, and local artwork.


Their coffee is Metropolis. The crafted candles were unexpected but interesting.


Every Dollop I’ve visited is vastly different in style though I’ve only been to about half of their locations, so I fully recommend you visit all of them and find your favorite.

225 W Washington St
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 846-6103

Mon–Fri: 6:30am — 7pm
Sat–Sun: 8am — 7pm

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