The Atrium Café at The Little Traveler

The Atrium Café is located within the Little Traveler in the peaceful setting of an indoor atrium. Though, next necessarily a 3rd place due to its limited hours, it is a neat place to visit with a friend or a group during a visit to historic Geneva.


The Little Traveler itself, is a eclectic collection of stores within 36 rooms that seems to go on forever and ever. You can easily get lost inside the deceptively normal looking house. Located near the front and center within, is The Atrium Café that houses a fountain and resembles a springtime patio café.

atriumcafe1The menu ranges from traditional tea sandwiches to innovative new wraps, and desserts.


During my visit, it was bustling with people coming and going, and the food smelled delicious.

While you’re out in Geneva, don’t forget to check out Graham’s 312 Coffeehouse, just down the street.

Café Hours:
Monday-Friday 10-4
Saturday 10-4:30
Sunday 11-3 (Brunch only)

The Atrium Café


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