La Colombe

La Colombe believes that America Deserves Better Coffee, and so they’ve vowed to bring us quality stuff.


You can request any sort of roast (Dark, Medium, or Light) with any hints of flavor you can imagine, from citrusy to nutty to chocolatey, depending on your mood, or on their specials of the day.

Ask the knowledgeable baristas for their suggestions.


Once you decide the bean you’d like to taste, they can craft a perfect brew in all kinds of delicious ways. French press? Drip? Hot, cold, nitro?

They have several stores around Chicago but I like the Andersonville location when I visit with my group of writers. Last year they didn’t have wi-fi but this year it was available and reliably strong.

Mostly, we enjoy the large windows that let in all that natural light…


…the industrial decor with the wooden tables and ceiling beams, concrete floors, iron details and bare bulbs…


…the variety of seating options, including high tables with stools, individual tables, larger ones seating 3 or 4, and the large communal picnic table that works best for us.


We love their cacti. Seriously, they have cute little succulents as decor…


…and, of course, their coffee. My friend ordered their nitro and she said it was the silkiest coffee she had ever had. I tried it, and I agree.

Although they do have a few pastries, the beverages are the specialty here.
5158 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60640
773 942 7090
Hours: M-Sun 7 am – 7 pm


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