Buzz Killer Espresso

I’m delighted with my recent discovery of Buzz Killer Espresso. I have a really hard time hosting a writing group in Wicker Park because their good coffee shops are all overcrowded and their livingroomy settings make it cozy for a chat but a nightmare to type on a laptop for hours in comfort.


Finally, however, here is a spacious cafe with ample tables and electrical outlets, indoor and outdoor seating, great natural light from windows and skylights, and pretty great quality coffee and tea.


Their motto is Life Support for Coffee Geeks and they claim to have the finest, most exotic and esoteric beans in the world. They roast micro-lot coffees sourced directly from origin and from specialty brokers, and serve with care, knowledge and precision. You should come and check all this out, then take your beverage out to the sidewalk patios and people-watch.

If you want, however, to set up camp here all day and work, I do have to warn you that the coffee is not bottomless and the wi-fi is timed (code given after a purchase) so it can get expensive fast, but the few hours we spent here were a delight.


My writers were happy with the quality of both the coffee and the tea (I had a dirty chai, so I can also vouch for both), their pastries are from Vanille, the level of noise and the music allowed us to work and have a conversation pleasantly, and the temperature of the room wasn’t arctic or sweltering, so all around we were quite pleased for our chance to have a Wicker Park haunt, at last.
1644 N Damen Ave
(773) 366-8377
M-F 7 am – 7 pm
Sat-Sun 8 am – 8 pm


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