Hero Coffee Bar

On my way to Printer’s Row LitFest I stopped at Hero because I’ve been meaning to pay them a visit. I had heard amazing things about their Lavender Latte, but, unfortunately, they had just ran out of their lavender syrup and were getting ready to make more. You see, they boil their Lavender to extract its essence in-house.   Continue reading

Dollop – Loop location

Dollop is a bit of an institution in Chicago, if independent coffee shops can be institutions. It’s 11 years old and it has eight shops all over town, but my writing group has a special relationship with it because the first meetups used to be held at Dollop Buena Park some years ago.   Continue reading

La Catrina

La Catrina is a great space on 18th street in Pilsen. Its lively murals beckon you to step in and you are welcomed by all kinds of catrinas (typical Mexican female skeleton representations of Death) displayed all over a very light, spacious, and colorful interior.

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